A Specialist Group of Milled Silver Coins

Date of Auction: 6th May 2020

Sold for £120

Estimate: £60 - £80

George V (1910-1936), Halfcrowns (4), all 1920, dies 1+A, 1+A*, 1+B, 1+B* (Davies 1672, 1673; ESC 3719 [767]; S 4021) [4]. First two extremely fine, others fine to very fine and very rare £60-£80


Provenance: Last two bt P. Davies.

The second coin has the head in high relief so that it rocks slightly when placed obverse down on a flat surface. The fourth has dull grey surfaces attributed by Davies to the alloy used which was obtained from old shell casings (see Davies p.82, footnote 1 and p.83 footnote 1)