The Antony Scammell Collection of British Coins

Date of Auction: 22nd April 2020

Sold for £260

Estimate: £120 - £150

British Iron-Age, CATUVELLAUNI, Cunobelin, Æ Units (2), warrior on horseback right, holding javelin, rev. warrior standing left holding spear and shield, 2.19g (ABC 2963; VA 2093; BMC 1961ff; S 338), head of Janus, cvno on tablet below, rev. sow seated beneath tree right, camv on tablet below, 1.97g (ABC 2981; BMC 1998; VA 2103; S 346); together with an Armorican billion Stater, a Senones Potin and Æ Units (2) of Dubnovellaunus and Reus [6]. Mostly about very fine £120-£150