A Collection of South Atlantic Medals

Date of Auction: 16th July 2020

Sold for £750

Estimate: £700 - £900

Pair: Able Seaman T. Pryor, Royal Navy

South Atlantic 1982, with rosette (AB(S) D157672S H.M.S. Glamorgan); General Service 1962, 1 clasp, Gulf (AB(S) D157672S RN) mounted as worn, nearly extremely fine (2) £700-£900


Provenance: Dix Noonan Webb, September 2008.

H.M.S. Glamorgan, a County-class Destroyer launched in 1964, served throughout the Falklands War, when she fired 1,450 4.5 inch rounds, more than any other vessel in the conflict. She was slightly damaged by bombs on 1 May 1982, and was hit by a land launched exocet missile on 12 June 1982, with the loss of 14 men killed. The fires from this attack were brought under control and she was back in service 36 hours later.