Tokens of Cheshire and Lancashire from the Collection formed by Bob Lyall

Date of Auction: 27th August 2020

Sold for £300

Estimate: £90 - £120

Lancashire, Chorley, Chorley Coffee Tavern Co Ltd, brass Penny, 30mm (Owens 109); Collins Green [Burtonwood], Pear Tree Hotel, Richard Naylor, brass Twopence, 23mm; Colne, Foulridge Weavers [Friendly Society], brass Twopence, 17mm; Croft [Warrington], Horse Shoe Inn, brass Twopence, 23mm (Whitmore p.321), Joiners’ Arms, brass Twopence, 26mm (Whitmore p.322); Culcheth [Warrington], Old Noggin Inn, oval brass Twopence, 32 x 23mm; Cutgate [Rochdale], Staff of Life, Bowling Green, octagonal brass Twopence, rev. stamped was, 32 x 28mm; Fishwick [Preston], Strawberry Gardens, oval brass Twopence, 32 x 19mm; Fulwood [Preston], Plungington Hotel, R[ichar]d Moulding, brass Twopence, obv. stamped egh, 26mm; Gorton Brook [Manchester], Pineapple [Inn] Building Society, Peter Clough, brass Twopence, 21mm (Courtney p.172) [10]. Fine to very fine, some scarce £90-£120