Tokens of Cheshire and Lancashire from the Collection formed by Bob Lyall

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Date of Auction: 27th August 2020

Sold for £300

Estimate: £200 - £300

Lancashire, Liverpool, Bear’s Head Dining Rooms, T. Downs, brass by Park (2), stamped 14d and 10d, both 27mm (Whitmore p.303; Hawkins p.587); Bear’s Paw [Dining Rooms], J[ohn] H. Cobham (2, different addresses), brass and white metal, both 32mm; British Workman Public House Co Ltd, Cocoa Rooms, brass Penny, 29mm (Owens 113; W 2388; Hawkins p.371); Child’s Restaurant (4), brass Shilling, 28mm, copper Sixpence, Threepence and no value, 23 and 20 [2] mm; Eves’ Restaurant, brass (2), stamped 8d and ½, both 32mm; Feenys Merchants New Dining Rooms, uniface brass Shilling, 25mm; Robert Holt, 1867, brass, 22mm (Allen CP 15); Liverpool Dining Hall, oval brass Threepence, 37 x 27mm (W 2364); Liverpool International Shipwrights’ Friendly Society, oval brass, 42 x 30mm (W 2101); L[iverpool] M[aster] M[ariner] S[eamens’] United Friendly Society, brass, 32mm (W 2102; Hawkins p.586); Liverpoool Merchants Café Co (2), brass and nickel, both stamped 2, both 25mm; Liverpool Merchants Coffee & Dining Rooms, brass Shilling and Threepence, both 22mm; Liverpool Model Lodging House, 1859, copper, stamped 44, 32mm (W 2428; D & W 144/331); Temperance Hotel, Samuel Roberts, brass, 28mm (W 2423; Hawkins p.855); U[nited] K[ingdom] S[miths], Liverpool branch, brass bracteate, 25mm [23]. Generally fine to very fine, some rare £200-£300


Lyall, following Hawkins, preferred the attribution to the L[iverpool] M[aster] M[ariner] S[eamens’] United Friendly Society for the specimen of W 2102, rather than that to the L[iverpool] M[ercantile] M[arine] S[tokers] United Friendly Society as given by Withers