Tokens of Cheshire and Lancashire from the Collection formed by Bob Lyall

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Date of Auction: 27th August 2020

Sold for £130

Estimate: £90 - £120

Lancashire, Nelson, Nelson & District Warp-Dressers’ Association, brass Halfpenny by Ardill, 22mm, Working Mens’ Home, J.E. Banks, brass (2), one stamped 13, both 29mm; New Hey [Rochdale], Cotton Tree Inn, Humane Sick & Burial Society, oval brass Twopence, 30 x 23mm; New Springs [Wigan], Royal Hotel, uniface brass Twopence, 28mm, Top Lock Inn, brass Twopences (2), one stamped r both sides, both 25mm; Newtown [Wigan], Prince of Wales, J[ohn] T. Johnson, brass Twopence, 27mm (Whitmore p.331); Oldham, Coach and Horses, O[ldham] M[utual] S[ick] & B[enefit] S[ociety], copper Twopence, 25mm, Edward Gilpin (W 4230), Oddfellows Club, brass Twopence, 19mm, Old Soldier Inn Money Club, brass Twopence by Hinks, 25mm (W 2291; Hawkins p.291), Miles Schofield (W 4240), York Castle, J. Ball, uniface brass, 24mm [14]. Fine to very fine, mostly scarce £90-£120