Tokens of Cheshire and Lancashire from the Collection formed by Bob Lyall

Date of Auction: 27th August 2020

Sold for £200

Estimate: £80 - £100

Lancashire, Warrington, King’s Arms Music Hall, Owen Cowley, brass by Hiron, 24mm; Old Blue Back [Hotel], W[illiam] Rogers, uniface brass Twopence-Halfpenny, 27mm; Order of Druids, Warrington District, brass Threehalfpence (5), all 23mm, for Trafalgar Lodge 454, Queen Victoria Lodge 455, Druids Camp Lodge 456, Isle of Mona Lodge 457 and Lord Elliot Lodge 459, together with a rectangular engraved silver member’s ticket, named (John Welch, E. Liverpool Lodge 379...Camp 1869), 27mm; Volunteer Inn, brass Twopence-Halfpenny, 23mm; Vulcan Inn, H[enry] A. Powell, brass Threepence, 30mm; together with modern tokens used in the town (10), including American Pool & Amusement Centre, Greenall Whitley, North West Water, Stretton Leisure Ltd, Texas Homecare, etc [20]. Cowley extremely fine, Volunteer and Vulcan excavated, others about very fine and better £80-£100