The Jack Webb Collection of Medals and Militaria

Date of Auction: 20th August 2020

Sold for £3,200

Estimate: £1,000 - £1,400

Army of India 1799-1826, 1 clasp, Nepaul (J. Salisbury, 24th Foot.) short hyphen reverse, officially impressed naming, light handling marks, otherwise nearly extremely fine £1,000-£1,400


Jeremiah Salisbury was born in the Parish of Laxfield, Suffolk, and attested for the 24th Foot at Woodbridge, Suffolk, on 23 March 1805, aged 13 years. He served in the East Indies from 3 August 1810, and volunteered to join the 13th Light Infantry on 10 October 1822, remaining in the East Indies until 31 August 1838, when a medical board found him to be ‘Infirm from age and incapable of active service, incapacity is from the effects of age and climate and not produced by vice or intemperance.’ His discharge papers state that he ‘was present at the Capture of the Cape of Good Hope in January 1806; Nepaul War in 1814 & 15 under General Wood, in the Mahratta Campaigns in 1817 & 18. In the Burman Empire during the Campaigns in the years 1824, 25 & 26. In the East Indies Twenty Eight Years, the remainder at Home.’

Despite serving throughout the Burma campaign of 1824-26 with the 13th Light Infantry, he does not seem to have made a claim for the ‘Ava’ clasp.