A Collection of Rupees of British India

Date of Auction: 14th October 2020

Sold for £85

Estimate: £100 - £150

India, EIC: Uniform Coinage, Victoria, Rupees (2), 1840, type A/I, Calcutta or Bombay, divided legend, w.w. in relief on truncation (SW 3.33; Prid. 57); type B/I, Madras, divided legend, w.w.s in relief on truncation (SW 3.37; Prid. 59) [2]. First with some minor marks otherwise extremely fine, second good very fine and toned [slabbed CGS AU 75 and EF 70 respectively] £100-£150


Provenance: First ‘Diana’ Collection, Baldwin Auction 54, 6 May 2008, lot 743 (part)