Medals from the Collection of the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum

Date of Auction: 14th April 2021

Sold for £1,400

Estimate: £400 - £500

Pair: Private J. Comber, Oxfordshire Light Infantry, who was killed in action at Klip Kraal on 16 February 1900

India General Service 1895-1902, 2 clasps, Punjab Frontier 1897-98, Tirah 1897-98 (3719 Pte. J. Comber 2d Bn. Oxf: Lt. Infy.); Queen’s South Africa 1899-1902, 1 clasp, Relief of Kimberley (3719 Pte. J. Comber. 1/Oxfd: L.I.) nearly extremely fine, the second extremely rare as a single clasp (2) £400-£500


Private J. Comber was killed in action at Kilp Krall on 16 February 1900. The Oxfordshire Light Infantry had one officer wounded, 10 men killed and 39 wounded in this action which took place two days before the battle of Paardeberg.