Medals from the Collection of the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum

Date of Auction: 21st July 2021

Sold for £140

Estimate: £160 - £200

Pair: Corporal C. Austin, Oxfordshire Light Infantry

Queen’s South Africa 1899-1902, 1 clasp, Transvaal (3964 Pte C. Austin, Oxford Lt. Infy.); King’s South Africa 1901-02, 2 clasps, South Africa 1901, South Africa 1902 (3964 Cpl C. Austin. Oxford L.I.) contact marks, nearly very fine, scarce (2) £160-£200


Believed to be 1 of 2 single clasp ‘Transvaal’ Q.S.A.’s to the Regiment, and the only one in pair with a K.S.A.