Even though our first sales featured Banknotes, the growth in interest and prices has made them an important part of Collecting today, although our dedicated sales only started in September 2005, we are now working on sale Number 20, during this period we have sold notes from the collections of Brian Ascroft (Treasury), George Barker (Irish), Bob Blake (Irish), Godfery Burr (Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man & Ireland), Paul Bradbury (British), Andre Chin (Jamaica), Ray Harrod (British), Peter de Micheli (British), Simon Narbeth (South Africa), Peter Stanton (Guernsey), Tony Wilde (Isle of Man) and many others.

Michael O'Grady is our consultant expert with some 40 years experience and well known throughout the collecting fraternity.

We hold two auctions each year for dedicated Banknote sales, usually April and October.

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