British Coins

Please note that part of this sale is Online Auction

Online sales are identical to our traditional Rostrum auctions in all respects other than the fact there is no room bidding. All bids for these auctions can be placed live online in the same way as our Rostrum sales.

High quality printed catalogues are available for purchase. Alternatively the lots can be viewed online using our website.

Anyone with a valid email address can easily register to bid online.

There is no additional charge for online bidding.

It is recommended that all bidders execute their own bids either prior to the sale by using our online advance bidding facility or live as the auction is taking place.

Please note that our easy to use advance bidding facility provides bidders with total control over their bids right up to the point that the lot is offered for sale.

Bids made online cannot be seen by others and do not go live until the actual moment that the lot in question is being offered for sale. Lots will be secured at the lowest possible price in the usual way, one increment above the next highest bid. All bids can be easily altered or cancelled by the bidder prior to this point. An automated confirmatory email will be sent confirming all bids and alterations.

Whilst we are still happy to execute bids submitted in writing or by phone, fax, etc., it should be noted that all bids left with us will be entered at our offices using the same bidding facility to which all our clients now have access. There is, therefore, no better way of ensuring the accuracy of your advance bids than to place them yourself online.