Ancient, British and World Coins, Numismatic Books (9 December 2010)

Saleroom Notices

Please note the following amendments to the printed catalogue descriptions:

Lot No Saleroom Notice
8 The date is MDL
198 Withdrawn
227 The Cooke reference associated with E 100b should be ignored
362 Withdrawn
437 This is a coin of class I (N 1703; S 2194)
490 This is Morr. C-4, this coin
491 This is SCBI Brooker 765, same obv. die
711 No 1890 coin in the lot, 4 pieces in total
756 7 coins in the lot, as described
798 The coins of Elizabeth I are Sixpences
882 This is a 50 Pfennigs for use on the cruiser Emden and is published in white metal
979 The fifth item is Low 97, not 96