Orders, Decorations, Medals and Militaria (19 & 20 July 2017)

Saleroom Notices

Please note the following amendments to the printed catalogue descriptions:

Lot No Saleroom Notice
194 This lot is a pair of medals, rather than a group of three
241 Trooper Holland’s Great War awards are all named to the 4th Dragoon Guards, not the 7th Dragoon Guards
368 The Pair to Sister H. Best has been withdrawn. This lot now contains six medals-the trios to Pollard and Conolly.
1217 Withdrawn
1235 Although supplied by JWB post 1912, it accords with the specifications of the pre-1912 pattern 1st type badge, i.e. 1st type (1837-1912), 1st class. Weight of badge without ribbon 38.80g and buckle 7.57g
1237 This is a 1st type (1837-1912) 2nd Class award
1239 Supplied by JWM prior to 1912, therefore it is a 1st type (1837-1912) 3rd Class badge
1534 Now believed more likely to be a portrait of Lieut. Neville Custance who joined the 7th Hussars from the 23rd RWF in April 1815. He was not present at Waterloo and went on half-pay in 1818.