Orders, Decorations, Medals and Militaria (10 & 11 May 2017)

Saleroom Notices

Please note the following amendments to the printed catalogue descriptions:

Lot No Saleroom Notice
21 Wright’s Military Cross was awarded for the Third Battle of the Scarpe, not for the Battle of Vimy Ridge
83 Martin’s Halifax was shot down by a night fighter on ops to Bochum, 12/13 June 1943. The entire crew were taken POW.
337 Now sold as a pair together with his QSA - please see Lot 353 for details
338 Previously sold DNW 24 June 2009 (Lot 884) Please see web site archive for additional research and medal entitlement
353 Withdrawn and now sold with his BSA Company medal in Lot 337
967 Approximately 26 1st Class awards made in this period
1007 The medal is correctly named, as issued
1036 he date of the rescue was August 1855, not 1811
1243 The ‘rays’ are missing from one angle of the cross on the St. Sylvester badge