Orders, Decorations, Medals and Militaria (25 & 26 September 2019)

Saleroom Notices

Please note the following amendments to the printed catalogue descriptions:

Lot No Saleroom Notice
15 Nine in group, not ten.
93 Recommendation for DSM states: HMS ‘Gavotte’. For devotion to duty and exemplary conduct in repelling an attack by enemy aircraft on a convoy, and in extinguishing a fire on board a ship of a convoy [under] attack.’
99 Sold with copied recommendation for D.S.M. Please view details online.
544 Withdrawn
577 Suspension claw re-fixed and with some solder deposits
938 Withdrawn
1020 Withdrawn
1117 The recipient was known as both Clement and Antony Boirayon, but research indicates that they are one and the same person
1146 Withdrawn
1205 Hallmark is for Edinburgh 1930 not 1830. Retailer is T.K. Ebbutt not J.R. Ebbutt
1226 This pattern was worn by the Coldtream Guards 1801-14. It was later adopted by the 1st Foot Guards and 3rd Foot Guards and worn 1810-14.