Orders, Decorations, Medals and Militaria (11 & 12 December 2019)

Saleroom Notices

Please note the following amendments to the printed catalogue descriptions:

Lot No Saleroom Notice
15 A single D.S.O. attributed to the recipient, with some original documentation, is known to be held in a private collection.
28 Smith is confirmed as having served from 1942-45 with the Special Operations Executive Weapons factory the I.S.R.S. (Inter Services Research Bureau).
382 Sold with the recipient’s original vellum certificate for the French Medaille Militaire.
688 Withdrawn
882 Suspension claw possibly re-fixed
1075 There are traces of verdigris to this medal.
1099 The Star to Private Emmett is a 1914 Star, not a 1914-15 Star.
1136 Sold with the recipient’s Passport, and a certificate for 25 Years’ Service with Lucas Industries, dated 1977, in presentation folder.
1332 The Epaulettes are for the Argentinean Navy, not the Royal Navy.