Help & Information

Bidding in Advance

We are pleased to accept bids by several methods:

1. Using our website
Once a catalogue has been published, registered customers can place bids using our website (login required).

2. By email
You can submit your bids by email to Please see note below.

3. By telephone
Bids can be left by telephone by contacting our main switchboard (+44 (0) 20 7016 1700) before 18:00 on the day prior to the auction.

4. By fax
Bids can also be faxed to +44 (0) 7016 1799 before 18:00 on the day prior to the auction. Please see note below.

Submitting Bids by Email or Fax

Please note if emailing or faxing your bids you must clearly state your name, client code and the lot numbers and corresponding bids. We recommend that you request confirmation that your bids have been received before the start of the auction.

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