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Privacy Policy

"Dix Noonan Webb Ltd" (we) take your privacy seriously. This privacy policy describes how and why we obtain, store and process data which can identify you. We may update this policy from time to time and shall indicate on the website when changes have been made.

What information do we store?
We store personal data on individuals and companies with whom we have dealings including, but not limited to, staff, partners, suppliers, valuation clients, buyers and sellers (both trade and private individuals). The information stored is secured behind password protection and includes:

- Names
- Addresses
- Phone and fax numbers
- Email addresses

In some cases additional information is gathered, including;

- Bank details (see below)
- Taxation information for employees and partners
- Details of proof of identity
- Ownership of goods valued/offered for sale including descriptions, images and provenance.

Information is collected from you when you register with us, or when you contribute to, or use some of the advanced features of our website.

The information we collect is clearly set out on the web page on which we collect it. In addition, we may collect your IP address and use cookies unless you configure your web browser not to accept them.

We only collect credit / debit card information in order to process transactions. We do not retain any customer credit / debit card information and are fully PCI compliant.

Reasons for holding information
We hold and store information for the following reasons;

- Record keeping for Taxation: PAYE, pensions and NI for employees and partners.
- Provision against money laundering: to confirm our compliance with cash limits and to enable us to assist authorities with relation to tax, money laundering and theft investigations where asked to provide information.
- To combat fraud and forgery unlimited by time.
- Details of goods sold /valued for accounting purposes and tax purposes including Captial Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, Artist's resale rights and VAT.
- We are required by insurers to retain details of clients and valuations.
- Ownership details of goods valued or sold for retention for an unlimited period (for normal accounting purposes and against title claims).
- Details including provenance and images of goods required for transactional record purposes to go in catalogues and on our website and other third party auction platforms.
- Marketing and advising buyers of goods coming up for sale which they may be interested in as traders or collectors where users have opted in.
- Bank details of staff, partners, suppliers, buyers and sellers held in our back office programme and on our third party bank website principally for recurring payments.

Where is information held, and who has access to it?
All main contact details, lot descriptions and images are held in our back office system. For ease of access and efficiency this is accessible to all staff (password protected).

Certain details such as bank account information, salary details, taxation, National Insurance and pension information are accessed only by key members of staff (including Payroll and Accounts).

Email and other contact information including addresses are also in Mail and our back office system and are accessible to staff.

All staff computers are password protected to the individual user.

It is essential for the efficient running of the business for all staff to have free and quick access to computers where data is stored in the office.

In consultation with our IT consultants we are constantly reviewing and monitoring the security of the data we hold, and protection of our business level server.

All data collected for marketing purposes is through our website. Customers who create an account online have the option to tick a box to receive marketing emails and to select specific marketing emails on certain areas of interest. Customers can modify these selections from the website and can unsubscribe at any time including on receipts of all marketing emails from us.

Clients who sell goods are provided with the option to tick a box on their receipt to receive marketing emails from us.

Bidders in person also tick a box on sale registration forms should they wish to receive marketing communication from us.

Contacting Us
If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this website, you can contact us using the contact form on our website or by post/in attendance at the following address;

Dix Noonan Webb
16 Bolton St
United Kingdom