Britannia Medal Fair

Important Notice Regarding July's Britannia Medal Fair

After much discussion & deliberation with the Victory Services Club on how we might be able to proceed with the July Britannia Medal Fair and exploring other options following on from the extended lockdown rules recently announced, we at DNW regret we and the VSC are unable to host the July Britannia and that it is hereby cancelled. This decision has been taken with much disappointment.

However we at DNW very much hope and expect that November’s Britannia Fair will happen, albeit with some reduced availability of tables etc. Please revisit us in October for updates on November’s Britannia Medal Fair and we look forward to seeing all our collector friends there.

Provisional Table Plan & List of Exhibitors for Sunday 21st November 2021


Due to current Covid restrictions we are unable to display a map until we have clearer guidelines from our host, The Victory Services Club, as to how we may house The Britannia Medal Fair dependent on future government guidelines for public indoor meetings and fairs.


Table No. Holder
1 Bostock Medals
2 Bostock Medals
3 Woolley & Wallis
4 London Medal Company
5 London Medal Company
6 London Medal Company
7 London Medal Company
8 George Rankin
9 George Rankin
10 Meurig Jones
11 AH Baldwin & Sons Ltd
12 DCM Medals
13 DCM Medals
14 DCM Medals
15 CJ & AJ Dixon
16 CJ & AJ Dixon
18 Dix Noonan Webb
19 Dix Noonan Webb
20 Michael C Canning
21 Michael C Canning
22 Bonhams
24 Peter Morris
25 Peter Morris
26 Token Publishing Ltd
Table No. Holder
27 Token Publishing Ltd
28 Mark G Carter
29 Mark G Carter
30 Mark G Carter
31 Brian J Woodcraft
32 Chris Bates
33 Jim Carver
34 Stephen Wheeler
35 Stephen Wheeler
36 Morton & Eden Ltd
38 Gary Brown
39 Great War in Africa Association
40 Spink & Son
41 Spink & Son
42 Charlies Medals Ltd
43 Charlies Medals Ltd
44 Great War Medals
45 Great War Medals
48 Andrew Jukes
49 Andrew Jukes
50 Robert Brannagan / Scotmint
51 Robert Brannagan / Scotmint